Support Policy

General Information

To receive technical support as provided and described, all software must be properly licensed.

The requestor of Technical Support is referred to as the "Contact" for purposes of this policy and is defined as the responsible resource, party or end-user of the solution supplied from Customer Solutions Advanced Shipping Technologies (AST).

Customer Solutions Advanced Shipping Technologies (AST) products are referred to as the "Software" for purposes of these policies and include ShipExec Gateway API, ShipExec Thin Client, ShipExec SAP Client, ConnectShip Toolkit, ConnectShip Merchant, ConnectShip Warehouse, ConnectShip ChainLink, ConnectShip Advisor, ConnectShip UPS Toolkit and any custom approved solution product developed and deployed by AST is included in the definition of "software" as used herein.

The Advanced Shipping Technologies (AST) Support department performs all services by receiving an issue online or by phone. Contact must make reasonable efforts to resolve any support question with end-user personnel before contacting AST Technical Support.

Contact must have been trained or have access to personnel who have been trained in the use of the software and who can answer questions pertaining to the support of the software.

Contact must make personnel available to assist AST Technical Support in problem resolution. This includes, but is not limited to, assistance with system access, data entry, problem replication and testing solution code.

Contact is responsible for maintaining a consistent implementation across end-user sites and installations that are current with the latest release of the software. Note that if an update is required to correct a software defect, AST will release an update only for the current release of the software.

If remote access to client systems is required for standard troubleshooting, AST will use GoToAssist remote software unless otherwise specified by a Premium Care Support Plus (PCSP) contract.

First and Second Level Support

The Contact is required to establish and maintain the organization and processes to provide “First Level Support” for the supported programs directly to users. First Level support shall include but not be limited to (i) a direct response to users with respect to inquiries concerning the performance, functionality or operation of the supported programs, (ii) a direct response to users with respect to problems or issues with the supported programs, (iii) a diagnosis of problems or issues of the supported programs, and (iv) a resolution for problems or issues of the supported programs. In addition the Contact will designate a "Super User" who can determine if the problem is user error or a potential system problem. The Super User is typically a warehouse supervisor or lead operator. If the Super User believes the problem is system related, then this individual would contact Second Level support. If after reasonable efforts the Contact is unable to diagnose or resolve the problem or issue of the supported programs or services, the Contact initiates “Third Level Support.” “Third Level Support” is defined as the Consultant or its designated subcontractor directly supporting Client’s AST Solution.

Technical Support Fees

Technical support fees are due and payable annually in advance of a support period, unless otherwise stated in the relevant ordering document or financing/payment contract with AST. Your commitment to pay is required to process your technical support order (e.g., purchase order, actual payment or other approved method of payment). An invoice will be issued only upon receipt of your commitment to pay, and will be sent to a single billing address that you designate. Failure to submit payment will result in the termination of support.

Support Period

Technical support is effective upon the effective date in the applicable Work Order and the effective date is the date your order was accepted by AST. Unless otherwise stated in the Work Order, AST technical support terms, including pricing, reflect a 12-month support period (the "support period"). All technical support services ordered for a support period and the related fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable. AST is not obligated to provide technical support beyond the end of the support period.

Escalation Procedures

Requests for support are prioritized according to the following severity definitions:

Severity 1 - High

The Contact’s production use of the supported software/solution is stopped or so severely impacted that you cannot reasonably continue work. You experience a complete loss of service. The operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency. A Severity 1 - High service request has one or more of the following characteristics:

Except as otherwise specified herein, reasonable efforts will be made to respond to Severity 1 - High service requests within ninety (90) minutes. Contact must provide AST with a contact during this period, either onsite or by phone, to assist with data gathering, testing and applying fixes. You are requested to propose this severity classification with great care, so that valid Severity 1 - High situations obtain the necessary resource allocation from AST.

Severity 2 - Medium

Contact experiences a severe loss of service. Important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

Severity 3 - Low

Contact experiences a minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.


Customer has a suggestion for how to improve the overall experience or suggest a new idea.

Contact requests information, an enhancement or documentation clarification regarding software but there is no impact on the operation of the software. You experience no loss of service. The result does not impede the operation of a system.

Problem Severity Response Time Notification By
Severity 1 - High AST Support within 90 minutes during business hours Phone Only
Severity 2 - Medium AST Support within 120 minutes during business hours Web/Phone
Severity 3 - Low AST Support within one business day Web/Phone
Suggestion Solution sales or project manager representative will respond usually within one business day Web/Phone


Support Submission Procedures

Online Support submission by direct login is the preferred method by logging into:

You may also submit a support request by phone calls to AST Technical Support at: 1.855.418.7225. All phone calls are added into a Support Ticket Management system located at: and assigned an Incident ID (Incident ID). The Incident ID can be used by the Contact to reference the Incident ID and track the progress while the problem is being addressed.

Limitations for Support

Support may only be applied to cover support issues pertaining to:

Paid Support Resources

AST Technical Support provides phone support for software and integration issues.


No Charge Policy

Support Availability

Scope of Technical Support

We reserve the right to modify this policy. Client will receive a 30 day notice of changes to ShipExec™ Standard Support policy and provided the opportunity to opt out of changes. Additionally, Client shall have the right to decline renewal of ShipExec™ Standard Support. If Client declines ShipExec™ Standard Support, client will continue to receive support through the same support channels and will be billed at the current hourly rate as incurred.